SHINANO inc. following a new and innovative approach for the reduction of CO2 production, from January 2013 uses efficienlty and effectively renewable energy sources, throughout their manufactiuring proces, for global environmental protection. The company has installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of their facilities which reduce the amount of CO2 production, equivelant with 20.000 trees per year. The Green Project has the distinctive mark illustrated above that can be found on all of the company’s recyclable packaging.

   NITTO KOHKI by using its original and innovative design methods in developing, manufacturing and production process of their products, that is based on smart technologies for the future, aims to save labor and improve working conditions. Following international standards for the reduction of polluting emissions to the environment, the company contributes to the recycling of post manufacturing materials. Nitto Kohki also promotes intra-company recycling to its employees.

 CKD Corporation Japan considers the realization of a low-carbon society as an essential global challenge and follows the phylosophy that in addition to the business activities that coexist with a beautiful environment, the environmental activities of each staff member will produce significant results towards the comon goal. The company follows global guidlines as well as the European RoHS directive in all the products it provides. CKD Corporation Japan will continue to contribute to the protection of the global environment by developing original, earth-friendly products, utilizing its automation and flow control technologies that has developed as a manufacturer. 

Our company’s ethical standards define offering products of high quality, performance and safety. The companies we represent apply these standards based on certifications from international ISO organizations, for their continuous sustainable improvement.

Our company contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions by using high energy class products, as well as to the reduction of energy waste. Office materials as well as waste generated by our operations are separated and safely disposed of in appropriate bins and designated areas. For all of our product shipments, recyclable materials that are not harmul to the environment are used.